Facts & Figures

Well the pumps seem to have worked, it never stuttered or stalled on a 150 mile round trip.

I used A roads through towns etc for half of it then blatted back on the motorway at an indicated 80 for the other half - those 150 miles used 6.5 gallons of petrol - that's 23 miles to the gallon. Doesn't sound that good but when you consider that it used to struggle to reach 10 I'm reasonably happy!

I also took the opportunity to test the temperature of the pumps - under the cooling coil on the spare (the coil was not connected) the temp was 48 degrees, the actual pump body was 38 degrees. That all seems quite hot to me.

The car's still not 100% - down on power at the top end, tick over is crap (too low and it will stall eventually), the misfire still seems to be there occasionally and that vibration in the drive train is still there at over an indicated 80. It is not that easy to start and feels like it's running rich.

So, what to do - well first off I have to consult with the guru and see what could be the problem(s). There's a limited time to sort it. I can fit that electronic ignition and check the timing - I also want to double check those damn tappets but I feel like I'm just poncing around the problem rather than tackling it.


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