Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How many things can get in the way?

Well those nice chaps from Auotosparks came up trumps as promised and I have all the neccessary parts to finish the job so last night I went out to get stuck in, then my brother-in-law turned up. He had crashed his laptop and was somewhat upset as it had all his photos on it and he had no back up. I came into the house and spent the next 3 hours trying to salvage it - didn't succeed as I need some means of recovering the files off the laptop onto some other media that it will recognise in it's knackered state. Never mind, a quick trip onto eBay to get the neccessary and he'll be sorted soon as it arrives.
Nil progress on car.
Today I had to go out at 5 and wasn't back 'til late, where upon a cold beer and supper was waiting for me so I settled into that and yup, no progres on the car!
Tomorrow I have to go to Manchester for a couple of days with work and you guessed it - no progress on the car!

So a week will go and I'll have done bugger all!! Grrrrrr

Roll on the weekend, I think I have some "must do" DIY lined up so I am hoping to get out of that and lock myself in the garage until the job is done!

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