eBay item 4531417708 (Ends 05-Mar-05 17:18:34 GMT) - Vitesse/GT6 telescopic shock absorber conversion

What you can't see is the number of people watching this auction - 16 at the moment. That means there are 16 people interested in this conversion. I put one of these on my first Vitesse as I could not get replacement drop links for the lever arm shcokers and also neede new lever arms anyway so I went to the TSSC and bought one of the kits - at the time I was in the RAF and these were delivered to my address in the mess. Unfortunately the package created some sort of security alert and I was called to "explain myself" to the RAF Police in cgarge of Station Security - I was an Office Cadet, in RAF terms lower than a snakes scrotum and just as popular. I was told to inform the guard room if expecting packages of this type and sent off with my shockers! Luckily for me the local RAF motorsport club was a great place to sort stuff like this out and I got them fitted that same evening - easy job and the conversion transformed the handling - probably because the original levers were absolutely knackered!
Anyway, that car kept those on throughout my ownership and into it's 3 seasons of competition, I think they were still on it when sold.
The set I'm selling now has never seen the road so apart from being about 12 years old they are "new".


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