Sunday, February 20, 2005

More discoveries in the garage

The sort out continues and today I have mostly been stripping the chassis. I now realise that I must have spent a lot of money on the chassis in getting it this far - there's a new diff in there and a brand new Vitesse spring! I hadn't realised this so I'll be keeping the diff for a spare and selling on the new Mk2 Vitesse spring - all my cars are swing spring equipped. The chassis has yielded a set of Goodrich braided hoses, fitted but never seen fluid. Also the rear Spax conversion - at the time the only alternative to knackered shockers as the lever arms were hard to come by and the drop links even harder.
The first round of selling has netted a few quid and shiftd some little stuff, I put the bigger stuff on to eBay last night and have had loads of interest already. If you're interested in something contact me quickly as it is moving fast. The rear driveshafts are sold, I've got someone coming to see an engine and suspension towers etc next weekend and there's been a bit of interest in the chassis but no sale yet :-(
All must go, much cheapness.

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