Going going.............

A couple of days away on business (real day job business) and I'm back to loads of questions from people asking how much for this and how much for that etc.
My basic rule is that if I put it up for auction and it get's a bid then it stays there and runs the course. If someone comes to me with an attractive offer and no one else has bid then I'll take it down off eBay and sell it. Mt experiences with doing this so far have not been good, people saying "I'll take item X for £25" I then end the auction and never get the £25 or any further contact and end up putting it back on eBay and incurring two lots of cost.
As a general rule I don't use reserves, I put the start price at the lowest gigure I'll accept to sell the item - so if there's a body shell on there for £5 then I genuinely will sell it for a fiver if that's all people are prepared to pay!
Right, one more day of "real" work then it's back to my Triumph selling with a vengeance - oh and maybe I'll get round to rooting around in the garage to find all the odds and ends people have asked for plus posting the sold stuff!!


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