Is it possible to send an entire car through the post?

I ponder this as I sook sideways at a parcelled up petrol tank (hasn't seen petrol in at least 10 years) and various other mechanical odds and ends in plain brown wrappers.
I've already posted parts to Germany and had an enquiry about getting an engine there! Not sure how serious this enquiry will be when we discover shipping costs.
Anyway, I now have to nip out to the post office to deliver last nights packaging frenzy - having stuff ready packed up for when the money comes in makes life easier - parcelling up odd shapes things is just like Christmas eve, except the paper isn't as bright and there's no James Bond on the TV.
Just hope I can shift this scrapyard that's on my patio - c'mon everybody, you know you want a Vitesse bodyshell for a fiver :-) Whilst part of me has second thoughts about parting company with an old friend in this way another part reminds me that I have the car I always wanted sat, complete and ready to go in the garage - just needs the carbs replacing with fuel injection ;-)


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