I thought it would be an idea to ressurect this here Blogg that I started but then forgot about! So here goes with a catch up!
Last year
I got an email out of the blue from a lady who had seen pictures of our Herald and said she wanted to buy it. I gave her some details, she got on a train from Wales and turned up with a large bag of money, bought it for a great price and I had to find another car!
We got a tip off about a 6 cylinder Spitfire and I contacted the seller - looked right, good price so I bought it.
It was excellent but needed shaking downafter the rebuid - niggly little problems that the builder hadn't got round to sorting but the basic car was great.
This year, got asked to show the Sixfire (as it is called) on the Club Triumph Stand at Stoneleigh. Whilst there it was parked next to a snorty 2.6 litre Vitesse - I knew the owner, Big Dave and we got chatting overthe car which was for sale.
To cut a long story short, I bought it - I'm still wondering where the money came from! My dear wife encouraged me and so now I have loads of parts of the old project Vitesse to sell on.
I need to rid the garage of a convertible Vitesse Mk2 in pieces - all stripped down and ready to be worked on - the big bits have to go for space but also to get back a little money.


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