News of Kas Kastner's new book

I'm feeling like a right market trader here - this Blog has turned into Jason's Junk shop! Well as a break to the current stream of stuff for sale here's some news of the above.
Having put the word out that I was going to order up some new books I have gathered enough interest to get a big box of books sent over from California. Kas has already sent me an advanced copy and very good it is too. I've now had a load of people put in orders and send their cash over.
So the update - the books are all ordered, the money paid over and I have ordered a few more copies for "stock" in the hope that I can sell these on and satisfy the late comers :-)
Kas will send these books out this week and I've got them coming by priorty mail to try and cut down the waiting - the last lot took several weeks. I'm hoping they will be here in a week or 10 days. Check back here for news of dispatch.
I've asked Kas to sign the books but I can't promise that yours will be signed. If only a few are signed then I'll just shuffle them and send out randomly to be fair, I'm not going to charge a premium for signed copies.


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