The pile is reducing

Just had Tim Bancroft come over and collect some Rotoflex rear suspension and the wheels so now I have a bit more space in the garage and on the patio to drag yet more treasures down from the garage loft and see what else we have!
I know there's some Herald seats up there as well as some aftermarket recliner seats - those Ilve had up in teh loft for over 15 years so I wonder what state they are in - nice blue striped fabric I seem to recall.
Anyway, today I will be posting out 20+ Kastner books and a few eBay odds and ends. I'm hoping that by the end of the day I will have sold the front suspension, a 2.5 PI engine and some other assorted part.
The body shell rear tub has a few bids on it and looks like it will sell, I'm still getting interest in the the front end and centre section but no one seems to be bidding. I guess everyone wants a bargain at the end of the auction but myown experience of that is that it's very risky as eveyone is thinking the same way! Better get a "holding" bid in early just in case - not neccessarily the full amount of your bid but at least 50% of what you want to pay - that way you flush out the people who really want it and at least you know whether it's likley to be a bargain or not!
Messy job tomorrow, I need to go strip the fuel injection off the engine and drain the oil. The injection is destined for my Vitesse :-)


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