Lessons learnt

If you put an item on eBay for £1.00 starting bid and no reserve and you only get one bid they you have to sell it at that. If it's big and heavy and fragile then you have to pack it and post it so if you were generous and put the postage at cost you make bugger all! Then you need to pay the eBay listing and sale fees PLUS if the buyer pays by Paypal you have to pay them so in all you get to run around like an idiot, use up all your saved bubble wrap and sticky tape and queue up in the post office for 25 mins all to make a loss on a piece of crap that you really ought to throw away!
Ho hum, at least the buyer is happy - sods law will now operate and the damn thing will get damaged or lost in the post!
Remember, I do this for fun, I do this for fun, arse!


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