Thursday, February 17, 2005

New wipers for old

Whilst driving in the rain on her way to work, the wife managed to lose a wipeblade off the Sixfire last week, she did have the good sense not to score the screen with the bare end of the arm though. I bot the bullet and bought a complete new set of stainless arms and blades from Canley Classics. I have already bought a parking switch assembly to fit so that the wipers will park again and I also have to figure out how the switch is supposed to be wired in. We have two speed wipers and a single speed switch! Trouble is the two speed switch I have is the Spitfire version so it is for an electric rather than manual pump - more fun. So I not only need to figure out how it connects but also need to find a suitable electric pump - it's never ending really but I love it!

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