Let the Life Laundry begin

Well it's time to venture into the garage and start dragging out the last 15 years of accumulated "Project" parts - I'll be putting up the items for sale after I've established exactly what I've got!
Stuff that I know I need to shift quickly are teh larger parts:
Convertible body shell, needs work but is all complete, I guess I'll sell this with a V5 identity
Convertible centre section is more or less repaired
Vitesse front end, it's a Mk1 complete front end, needs usual work
Chassis - Mk2 overhauled and painted, currently fitted up as a rolling chassis but the rear drive shafts and Rotoflex are sold and a couple of people are interested in the front suspension.
Mk2 engines, two 2.5 PIs, one complete, one dismantled and a Mk2 block & crank that needs machining (rebore & regrind) good for core exchange.
There's a couple of Herald Vitesse hood frames
3 pairs of doors, 2 ready for paint with new skin and repaired, 2 pairs that need skins but with good frames
A couple of good boot lids - one Vitesse Mk2 one Herald - I have another Vitesse Mk2 at a mates house I need to retrieve
Loads and loads of trim and shiny bits
Loads of engine bits - couple of heads, rockers etc

Anyway, I'm off to the garage, photos follow. Get in touch if you need anything, first come first served and it ain't sold till I have the cash in my sweaty hand :-)


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