A nice bare Mk2 chassis with all the hard dirty work done! Cleaned and painted but would benefit from some detail work - a couple of the body mounting holes need reeming out to make sure new bolts will fit OK. The centre outrigger on the driver's side has been replaced at some time and this is not in the factory position but as this is not critical to any geometry I was going to leave it alone. There are some plates on the chassis but you can see exactly what's been done and where - I was happy to leave it as it was because it was all sound. I wanted to make one small repair to the corner of the passenger side front outrigger as there's a small are that looks a little thin. I'm being critical here as the photo makes it look like new! Anyway, I'll sell it with a V5 if neccessary but as you can see, it's sat on my patio and has to go to keep the wife happy :-)


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