Monday, February 21, 2005

Stuff that's sold or promised!

Looks like I've generated some interest :-) I'm getting lots of "Have you got a ...." emails so to avoid disappointment here are some of the main things that are not available

  • Gearbox - I'm keepin it as a spare
  • Diff - I'm keeping it as a spare but the overdrive prop is available
  • Rear driveshafts - sold, spring on eBay, Telescopic conversion going on eBay soon, tie bars going on eBay soon too.
  • Complete engine - sold but there's a 2 litre block and crank plus a 2.5 in pieces available
  • Interior - never had any Vitesse interior but I do have some black Herald seats and some rear seats too (black base, blue back!)
  • Dash - it's available but knackered really, too many extra holes! Crash pad is available though
  • Front suspension - I thin the straight anti-roll bar and solid rack mounts are still available
  • Wheels - now sold
  • Front uprights - sold

    Right now to eBay some more stuff :-)

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