Another frustrating evening spent in the garage and still no fire up although I can now get some nice flames out the inlets and I am a dab hand at taking it all araprt and putting it all back together!

I spoke to Dave Pearson's technical support line and, armed with the knowledge I went into the garage for "20 minutes work" to get it running, timing is still the considered cause of the problem.

3 hours later I'm out again and drinking beer. I've had the thing apart again 3 times tonight, swapped the leccy ignition for points and put it all back together thrice.

The problem is that the drive shaft seems to be all over the place, if I can get it slotted into the oil pump then the dizzy is all over the place, it doesn't matter where the dizzy is but there are certain orientations that you can't get at the spark plugs of the tacho drive can't be connected! I understand that the dizzy drive gear can be anywhere depending upon where the oil pump happens to be and that the orientation of the dizzy is unimportant as long as the rotor arm is pointing at No1 lead with No1 piston at TDC but can I get the damn thing set up right? Can I bollocks.

I've even had the metering unit off and the drive out again to ensure it's all meshing properly. Timing up the metering unit and putting it all back together takes ages before I then try and fire it up and guess what? It doesn't damn fire up!!

Time to sleep on it


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