The quest for Insurance concluded

With the help of the TSSC I got to the right guy in Footman James and then with a little reminding he came up with a solution. £41.25 and a £300 excess when Joe drives sounded OK to me, well Joe's paying so I hope it sounds OK to him :-) Seems that Footman James' admin isn't really that slick so it's as wise to not accept the first (or second) answer and persevere. I've kept Mike Crewes at the TSSC informed and this should help him tackle these admin glitches with FJ. The scheme is good, the cover wide, the benefits extensive but the admin and the feeling that it's all a bit slap dash is overwhelming. Having said that it is worth persevering with, I couldn't get close enough to the FJ quote for my "normal" business although I did not try everyone. Insurance is one of those grudge purchases that really should be supported by seriously good customer service to win over the customer, FJ have a way to go. I hope they crack it as it can only be a good thing for us classic car owners.


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