Bleeding injection

Just come in for a "comfort break" having been playing bleed the injectors - weirdly I couldn't get real flow at the injectors, seemed also that I wasn't getting any spill back from the metering unit - a quick fiddle about fitting the pressure gauge at the metering unit showed there wasn't a pump problem. I opulled the cold start overfuel lever a bit more and tried again, there we go, a good spray from all injectors! Right, lets go see if we can find a spark - yes there's a spark so now with a rough approximation of where the dizzy should be to get close to a sensible timing I whacked the plugs and injectors back in and gave it a go.
It's struggling to go, some lovely popping and the odd loud bang but it's not firing. I've left it with the battery still charging for an hour whilst I have a break, take some pills for the headache the fumes have given me (both garage doors are open) etc. I also need to give the history homework help I promised No 1 daughter.
The headache isn't connected to the Club Triumph dinner last night, OK maybe it is :-) Good times with old friends, a most enjoyable evening.


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