It's still Alive!!!

No Jim there is no truth in the rumour that the dizzy was sat on the bench the whole time!
Although I have just spent 10 mins wondering why it was running so rich until I realised I hadn't reconnected the vacuum pipe to the metering unit

So everything's back on in the engine bay now, I've set the timing with a timing light and she ticks over lovely. Filled the garage with fumes so I drove her out, turned round and drove back in so the exhaust doesn't fill the garage with fumes! There were lots of oily finger prints to burn off and the high temp paint on the manifold smoked awfully, I couldn't stay in the garage. It didn't last long and seems OK now - doubtless it'll fall off later!

I fitted the new exhaust, I didn't seem to need to buzz off that other mounting, the silencer fits fine in the gap between the two, tail pipe seems to stick out a bit but looks OK.

The MOT expired whilst the car was in pieces so I need to get a new one before I can do any serious test driving - I'll use my private road in the meantime ;-)

Jobs left to do

  • Rewire the overdrive
  • Fix the broken contact on the wiper motor or replace it with the spare
  • Refit the tunnel cover
  • Refit carpets
  • Refit passenger seat
  • Run it in
  • Get it on the rolling road - just need to find either an operator who knows his stuff or a guru I can take with me!
  • Drive it like you stole it again :-)

Oh and a public THANK YOU to the guys on the Club Triumph forum for help. A special "I owe you a pint or two" thank you to Dave "Yoda" Pearson - the force is strong in you :-)


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