The quest for Insurance

I'm on a quest for insurance cover for the Vitesse and Sixfire as I need to find cover that allows the addtion of my 23 year old co-driver on the 10CR. I don't want to split the cars up onto different policies although I will if I have to. The cars are both modified, effectively I have a 2 litre Spitfire and a TR6 engined Vitesse. I don't want a limited mileage policy on the Vitesse as I intend to use it often, the Sixfire doesn't do that many miles a year and could probably stand a limited policy. I want breakdown cover and I want to be able to add in drivers without too much admin and cost.

So far
  • Footman James, current insurer through the TSSC - premium's £200 but you need to add membership and valuation fees (per car) so the true cost is nearer £250 BUT they will not add on any drivers under 25. This is by far the best value for money but doesn't help me out of this issue. This includes European breakdown insurance and unlimited mileage.
  • Norwich Union Classic car - a limited mileage option and the price varies a lot as you increase the mileage, it is possible to get both cars insured for under £200. It includes UK RAC Cover but they don't insure under 25s
  • Glynn Wood brokers tel 01543 675163 - as recommended by a CT member. £240 for both cars but would not insure a 23 year old on a short terms basis instead they could add him to the annual policy but that would double the premium on that car.
  • part of Norwich Union, a great idea and one that started to look hopeful - £40 to insure Joe for a week BUT they don't like modified vehicles! So there we have NU on the one hand saying yes to the car but no to the driver, then saying yes to the driver but no to the car. I need to get deeper into that one I think. NU came up with the goods a few years ago when I needed to insure an American friend on a prototype V8


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