Saturday, March 10, 2007

Need more power!

The damn battery's gone flat, grrrrr - on the plus side the oil pressur eis up and there's fuel getting to the injectors although I think I may just pull them out and bleed them off a bit to make sure they are working 100% - of course I need a charged battery for that.
I took the battery off the Sixfire but that's a dinky little thing and didn't really have the guts to power the pump and turn the engine - a PI pump takes some juice to keep going.
The boost starter wasn't much good either but I guess I should have topped all these things up days ago really.
Never mind, there's always tomorrow :-) Now I need to write my TSSC area news and get ready for the Club Triumph Dinner and apparently I have some history homework to sort out with No1 child - it's all go here!

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