The quest for insurance continues

I took the advice fo a few people who'd emailled me about this and enlisted the help of the Club, the TSSC have a long standing good relationship with Footman James.
Well on the advice of the Club I spoke to a guy in Footman James, Trevor Keefe, nice chap, knew what I was driving and actually appreciated what I was saying about it being a TR6 engined Vitesse etc. He explained that they basically issue 2 types of policy, a "mature" driver policy designed for over 25s and a "young" driver policy designed for under 25s - both are ratehr accordingly. In essence as I have the mature policy I cannot add an inder 25 to it, however there is some flexibility as it's purely an administrative barrier that can be sorted. He said that yes Footman James would be able to cover my co-driver, especially as it's only for a week, and that he would undertake to get me a firm price/terms asap.
Later today there was a weird exchange of emails and another call from Trevor - suffice to say that the admin in FJ can be improved but the product is OK, if only the admin knew more about the product :-) Although the quest is not over and the saga continues it does seem that a resolution is in sight. Thanks to Mike Crewes of the TSSC and Trevor Keefe of Footman James for their time so far.


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