Sunday, March 11, 2007

OK, I've tried most things I know - HELP!

She won't start. For anyone who doesn't know this is a fuly rebuilt 2.5 PI engine. All the ancilliaries have gone back on, they were all fine when they came off
  • There's fuel in the tank
  • Fuel pressure is 107 PSI at the metering unit inlet
  • Each injector is spraying a fine mist, no dribbling
  • There's a spark at the king lead from the coil
  • There's a spark at each plug - I've pulled them all out and seen each one sparking.
  • The cold start lever is connected and working fine, pulled all the way out
  • I'm running with no filter or plenum so there's plenty of air
  • Compression seems fine although I have not yet put the gauge on any cylinders
  • The dizzy is about where it was when I removed it
  • Ignition is Aldon/Petronix - what's the easiest way to detect when it opens??

She turns over fine and I occassionally get a "phut" and a "pop" or a "bang" or two but nothing I'd really call "firing".

The only thing I can think of is bad fuel but it's only been in the tank for 4 months, could it have gone that bad so as to not start at all? Seems unlikely.

Give me some more ideas.

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Mike said...

Appologies if you've already checked the obvious - Is it firing number 1 cylinder when it should, rotor arm pointing to No.1 lead, piton approaching TDC with valves closed.