Getting there - again

Just posting this because I like the picture ;-)
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David Powell said…
What a lovely manifold! Thats so nice :) Check out those pipe splices inplace of the utter crap pheonix sell, also how delicately bent and formed it is...!!!

Must be worth a good few HP over a pheonix castrator manifold.
David Powell said…
P.S good to see loads of crust inside those PI bodies, thats the only thing that allows you to balance them up properly....

I was looking at some re-CON ones at Malvern telling James how crap they were...Beadblast reconditioning.
Jason said…
Indeed, it's a quality piece of kit, apart from the collector clamps. The engine isn't actually very modified, PI and a decent exhaust is where the power is really. The manifold's one of the old Mike the Pipe made GT designed ones - well that's what I've been told there are absolutely no identifying marks on it at all. If and when it expires through more cracking or excessive flaking I'll get it copied somewhere. You're right, it's a world apart form the productionised stuff around today, there are just too many compromises in those.
Any ideas where you can get a quality item made and what it would cost??
Jason said…
Just saw you rPS - you're right, the crud in the PI intakes is what makes them seal properly. Dave Pearson pointed out to me that most syncronisation issues on mewly installed PI is down to people cleaning the guts out of them. I had a set of early PI throttle bodies that were like that, looked great on eBay and made good money - I think that's all their good for.
Mind you, I can forgiv epeople for some of the PI screw ups, that whole air blead thing was news to me - ie you need the butterflies to shut tight (the crap helping them seal) so you can adjust tickover with the air bleed screw. I also never appreciate just how much movement there is in the throttle bodies when bolted to the head - the proper alignment jig makes such a difference.
David Powell said…
A company called "Exhausts by Design" have a very good rep with classic race cars needing new manifolds, GT40's, caterhams and wot not. Was gonna get them to make a 4-2-1 for mine, probably still will in the future sometime. Won't be cheap the work is very good quality. They could remake your collector at the very least.

Yes PI bodies wear the throttle plates a bit over time as the spindle shaft is bushed and can move laterally, not locked on bearings like a Weber/Solex/Dellorto etc. You remove that crust you end up with an idle speed you cannot lower!

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