Rally ho!

Well that was fun!

A few guys from Club Triumph popped over to Holland on the weekend to do the Dutch night rally. I co-drove with Tim Bancroft in his car, the Dreadnought aka Lurch aka The Grey Thing - a MkI 2500 PI running on carbs. Several hundred miles covered to get there and back plus some nifty Dutch Tulip navigation, a broken throttle cable fixed in the dark in the middle of nowhere and nursing a fellow crews dodgy dynamo - all in a weekends work really :-) We didn't finish, it didn't matter, the beer at the end was just as good, as was the company!
So thanks to all those involved, especially Theo our back seat driver and Roger our battery donor (poor James' Spit needed the juice as it's grumbly dynamo just couldn't take the pace). Special thanks to Tim for inviting me. It was good to meet a few old faces and some new ones too, despite never having used Tulips to navigate with before (I've used them to appologise with) I was getting used to them and quickly got to enjoying the navigating. To be honest I enjoyed fixing the car at the side of the road too and the drive there and back was pretty good - all in all a great weekend!


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