It's Alive!

Yup, she runs! It was my misunderstanding of setting up the timing that was at fault, I knew it was timing, Dave confirmed it was timing but I couldn't figure out how I'd got it wrong. My lack of recent practical experience got in the way oh, and a stubborn refusal to actually read the manual properly :-)
Thanks to all those who chipped with comments and ideas - I knew I'd get there but when you're in the garage on your own and it's not going to plan you do get disheartened. Getting enough time at the thing has been a challenge too, it's not easy to do it in 1 or 2 hour segments. So what's left to do?
Fit the new exhaust - this is a Mk1 chassis so I need to give it a little gentle teasing with the angle grinder to buzz off the lower mount on the outrigger so I can fit the single back box. Everything else should be OK.
I've got to get the engine timed up properly with the timing light, it's back on points at the moment (so I could see what the hell was going on) so I'll return the Aldon to the dizzy before I go any further.
The induction pipework has to go back on.
I need to wire in the overdrive and inhibitors, there seems to be a few stray wires in there, hope I can remember how they go!
The tunnel, passenger seat and carpets need to go back in, I've added some sound/heat insulation to the tunnel as there was none previously.
After that I think we're ready for an MOT!


Anonymous said…
Any truth in the rumor that the dissy was actually sat on the workbench the whole time? :)

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