Start you b*&t£%d!!

Yes, I've started swearing at it an dit still won't start.
I sprayed a load of Easy Start in and I still got no hint of firing so I was pretty sure the timing was out. So I checked that No1 was at TDC and that the rotor arm was pointing at No1 - that was fine. The plug leads are all in the right order (I haven't disturbed them from the original working set up).
I've always been aware of tales of getting the dizzy 180 degrees out but looking at it and trying to get it in another orientation I couldn't see how you can get it wrong. What I'm not so sure of is could I have got the drive underneath fitted wrongly?
I've got fuel, I've got spark, I've got air but are they all in the right place at the right time????


Martin Randle said…
Good luck with it Jason.

I couldn't get mine to run until I got a local auto-electrician out who got it going fairly quickly - I had got the points gap wrong!

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